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PuBlIc SpEaKiNg.....
Mar 19, 2011 | 12:46 PM | 0 comments
ta0n lps b'tnding public speaking tpi dpt 3rd place c0z x menonjol mase sec0nd r0und..
zetty cry when she kn0ws she in the 3 rd place..0MG!!!
but this year i'll d0 my best 2 sh0w my girl's p0wer..!..this is my last chance i;m in the seni0r year 0f primary sch00l..mayb i'll participate in sec.sch00l als0...insyaalla..if ALLAH blest..
the c0mpetiti0n will be 0n 24th march .. i must have 2 be prepared ab0ut this l0rgh!..i want maam m0na feel happy f0r the 1st place...


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