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Fashion Makes Me Smile :)
Oct 23, 2011 | 8:36 AM | 2 comments
Saya memang suka sangat FASHION . Hhehehe . Even saya dah pun bertudung sekarang ni , still jugak boleh berFashion rite ? I likes Hana Tajima . She's muallaf . But , she knows how to create  great style although covered . Her blog entitled Style Covered , really inspiring me . Really really okayy .

 She's a fashion designer in out of the country . Yuna also wearing outfit sponsored by her what ?

Even covered , we still in fashion lah . No matters we are , we have rights to style in our own creativity . Dont just know how to style so simple . Just wearing 'tudung' , t-shirt then tracksuit . Ouhh = =' .
Muslims has to show that we also can style in our way . We can wear what artists wearing as long as we cover our 'aurat' . Taylor Swift'dress is always beautiful .

Okayy . I 've to go to sleep right now kayyy ? Tommorow I'll be going to school . My lappy's battery also low . To be continued about this topic tommorow kayy ? I've no idea with what I'm talking this night . 

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