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Oct 28, 2011 | 9:31 AM | 0 comments
Okayyyy . Today is a boring day . BORING !

Lately , I'm always feel like want to write something in this blog . wEll . I don't know why . But , my writing blog mood has come maybe la . Hurrmmm , I've no idea with this . Lol~

Since I'm joining 'Dear Diary' group , this blog has become a place for nesting spiders rite ? Haha . Dont know about 'Dear Diary' group ? Even a bit ? Hurmmmm . You've to know about this group cause I'm the one of the Dear diary member !
So , this dear diary group was created just a few weeks ago I thought . 

This group is for those who had their own diary only . Haha . It's in our 6K's class la . So , for bloggers , you're not allowed to join this group . We didnt create any group in facebook . Just for fun ler . 
Meow~ We got 4 members including me . Yeahhh , only 4 members .This will be a collection of fibers that experts too busy . So , we decided to allowed only 4 members in this group . 

All of us must have their own diary . And decorate it as much as they want . Then , write about each day's life in their own diary . If the story is'nt too private to share , one of our member can read it as long as we ask for permission first ~!!~ 

All of our members mostly Are K-pop lovers excepting me . Muahehe , yes , I'm not a K-pop lover . But I'm still can respect them since they respecting me as a english song's lover . Of course lah !!!! Taylor Swift . You forgot ? Come and I'll beat you .

(I think we already run away from the actual title . Haha . What the fish . = =' back to the actul title)

Actually , I'm planning to writes a novel . Yeahh , a real novel . Publishing with PTS Production . But , I'm waiting for ideas and inspiration lah !!!!!! There's no idea in my mind ? I cant think out of box . Saddd :(
ok byee . That's all for tonight !!

p/s : I'll make an album in this blog . Yeahh , but I've to edit all the pictures first . Then , i'll upload it here . But , editting picture using Adobe Photoshop may takes a long time to finish a lot of pictures pendingg .

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