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Oct 27, 2011 | 5:40 AM | 0 comments
I'm sad . I'm sad . I'm stress . I'm stress . I'm tired . I'm tired . I cant stand anymore . I cant stand anymore .

Why there's nobody can understand me .?. My life ? How about my feeling ? Do they all  care ?

Did they know what I feel ? What I had to accept at home ? What I had to face of at home ? What I had to hear ? What I had to remember ? What I had to do at home ? What I had to ask at home ? What I had to be patient at home ? What I had to tell at home ? WHAT I HAD ....... AT MY HOUSE ???

Does anyone care ? Does anyone feel it ?

But dont they know how to help me ?
Nobody can read my mind . Nobody can understand me . No one can ease the burden that I had to bear .
SO PLEASE . Respect me , help me , understand me .

No one knows what I had to face when I was at home . Nobody knows that I'm crying all day long , in my room , EVERYDAY .

Because of what ?
Sorry , it's so private to tell , even if my friend . :) .
Since I was small ,I cant tell this to anyone except my bestfriend . She' the only one who knows about this .
But , I could see , she can't understand me . She can't ease my burden that I bear all this time even a bit .

I'm finding someone who could understand me . Truly friend . Where can I find it ?
There's no true friend anymore in this world .

Only ALLAH understand me . HE always with me . 

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