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WhyBrandedOutfit ?
Oct 25, 2011 | 8:49 PM | 0 comments
Hellow !

Ermmm . Today I'm going to write about Why We Buy Branded Outfit ? Hurmmm . Why ? Why ? Why ?

Actually , I also loves buying branded outift . hehe . Love it !
As a fashion lover , I loves buying magazines that showing latest branded outfit . So , I can now what kind of fashion trend now . When shopping , I just looking for what I want . But , be careful branded outfit is not cheap as you think !!!

So , those who's not used t buy branded outfit , you've to be very - very careful with the price . Let's say , you used to buy t-shirts with no brand and the price is just between RM 15 . The , one day you saw many of your friends now just wearing the branded t-shirts . You also wants that , and you think branded t-shirts is now trend of fashion because all of your friends keep wearing that .

   When you in the shop, you continue to take all the clothes that looks pretty you wear it .
With only RM50 , you takes almost 7 t-shirts .  Upon reaching the checkout counter, the total price of all the football, it's not enough moneyis RM50. . (It's okay if you bring along your credit card )

                 SHAME YOU HUH ???????              

So , please survey first before you buy or plan anythinggggg . Okayyy ?

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